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  • Alice Hill

Ready For Tomorrow: Seven Strategies For Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

April 19, 2019 | Hoover Institution Press with co-authors Douglas Mason, Joanne R. Potter, Molly Hellmuth, Bilal Ayyub, and Jack W. Baker

As the impacts of climate change are felt more forcefully around the globe, decision makers are asking, with increasing urgency, how they can make their communities and businesses more resilient. One obvious place to start is infrastructure. To address this, the Hoover Institution convened a yearlong collaboration with leading experts and practitioners in development banks, government agencies, universities, private firms, non-governmental organizations, and professional associations. It drew on diverse perspectives to the challenges of resilience, including physical and social science, engineering, policy, finance, and education. The resulting paper lays out seven strategies for developing more climate-resilient infrastructure.

Read the essay here.

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